To address specific customer, therapy and patient needs and differentiate your therapy from competitors, consider these customization options:

Customization Options Flex-Therapy™ Mini Platform
Ergonomic shape, size, look and feel
Adhesive design (no. and size of tab)
Activation button (number, size, force, position)
Primary container materials (elastomer, glass or plastic tubing, silicone oil)
Immediate or delayed injections
Viewing window design
Pad printed label and or laser marked
Removable Electronics
Lighting (Number, color, size, position)
Sounds (tones, sequence) and tactile (clicks, vibration)
External materials (color, surface finish, branding, soft-touch materials, embedded logos)
Bluetooth LE or other data connectivity system including apps
Drug warming and or temperature sensing
This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.