Ten reasons why our best-in-class technologies, product development and commercialization capabilities set a new benchmark in servicing customers with speed, agility, reliability and responsiveness.

A Broad Portfolio

We have a broad, innovative portfolio of injectable drug delivery systems so customers can leverage our preferred products to differentiate their injectable therapies and out-perform the competition.

Customizable Technologies

Our platform approach allows us to leverage an array of established base technologies to rapidly customize each product to specific customer, therapy and patient needs.

Extending Product Lifecycles

The safety, simplicity and elegance of our products have the potential to build therapy compliance and drive preference amongst patients, payors and prescribers to enhance or extend commercial lifecycles.

High Performance Teams

We select and organize the best industry leaders with deep scientific and technical expertise into vertically integrated, cross-functional teams that can respond to customer needs with unparalleled speed and agility.

Standard Fill-Finish Processes

Our products are designed for compatibility with standard pharmaceutical industrialization processes and equipment to help streamline the filling, packaging and shipment of our pharmaceutical customers' products to end-users.

Modular Manufacturing

All products are engineered for modular manufacturing to enable efficient customization and the fast, efficient scale-up of production to support a customers' pathway from clinical trials to commercial launch.

Advanced U.S. Facilities

Our FDA-registered facility has advanced development and commercialization capabilities including highly automated precision manufacturing to facilitate the supply of high-quality products in accelerated timeframes.

Quality Management System

So that our products meet the highest quality standards, our Quality Management System is in compliance with, and certified to, ISO 13485 to design, develop, produce and sell ready-to-fill syringes and active and non-active drug injection systems.

Flexible Supply Chain

We have the flexibility to identify and select preferred materials and coatings for components, including those within the primary drug container, from an extensive network of established industry suppliers.

Patent Portfolio

We aggressively protect our novel intellectual property. Our extensive, fast-growing patent portfolio covers all device platforms and associated technologies to provide unrestricted freedom to operate.

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